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If you’re tired of feeling tired and looking frumpy or fat, a boot camp in Raleigh may be just what you need to turn your life and attitude around to a positive one. Boot camps are directed by personal trainers, so you’ll get the best possible advice designed especially for your needs. Before the trainer creates your program, he or she will first learn your goals, find if you have any special needs and assess your overall fitness in all areas of fitness. Only then does the trainer create a program specifically for you.

You’ll workout in a group, but each workout is different.

While everyone may look like they’re doing a push-up, if you look closely, some will be doing them with more intensity, some will be doing a higher number of repetitions and some will do a modified form of the exercise. For instance, if your special need is a physical limitation, such as a back problem, you might do a knee bent form of push-up. The same is true of someone who has been a couch potato all their life and is totally out of shape. The person that’s super fit, may use a form that’s far more challenging, like finger tip push-ups or push-ups with weights added.

You’ll work hard and improve quickly.

The trainer designs a program working you toward your maximum potential. It will be tough, but still safely within your capability. It won’t be long before you’ll find the workout easier and easier. That’s because your fitness level is improving. That’s when the trainer ups the ante and makes the program harder to match your new level of fitness.

Not all boot camps provide nutritional information.

Always check to see if the trainer provides information on healthy eating/dietary information. Some trainers do and those are the boot camps that help you the most. You’ll learn to make smarter decisions when it comes to food, but won’t get a specific diet. The trainer may provide you with sample meals until you learn more. The foods will be mostly whole foods and no highly processed foods. You’ll probably eat more food, more frequently than you do now, but eat differently. You can even eat some of your favorite foods, but not as much or as often.

—You’ll get all the benefits of having a personal trainer, but at a fraction of the price of private sessions because everyone shares the cost of the trainer’s time.

—Boot camps can be a lot of fun. Since everyone is struggling, each person knows how hard it is to reach goals so everyone encourages one another.

—Many people sign up for boot camps to see if they want to use the trainer for private sessions. In most cases, they end up signing up for the next camp because it’s actually fun.

—Personal trainers not only show you how to do each exercise correctly, they watch to ensure you do it right. Doing an exercise wrong can cause injury or minimize the benefits of the exercise.

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