Evolution Lifestyle Fitness @ RealFit Club begins with the reality that different age groups require specialized programs to meet their needs. This is nothing new. Fitness professionals have known this for years.
Still, many programs don’t target specific age groups – they focus on training the greatest number of people possible. In those classes, you’re unlikely to be challenged which slows your progress and limits your results.
Evolution Lіfеѕtуlе Fitness focuses on training methods that are most effective for each age bracket. We construct our classes for maximum potential at your level.
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Prime – And Ready To Go

People in different age groups have different needs. Once we reach our 20s, we face a number of unique situations:

Our metabolism changes

For most of us, it slows down! No longer can we eat or drink whatever we want and not lose a pound.

We enter the workforce

Having enough energy to make it through the day becomes a concern. We tend to eat more “on-the-go” and become sedentary by sitting or standing at work all day.

We find partners and start families

Men end up with “dad bods” and women gain baby weight that’s hard to lose. Along with work, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time.

To overcome these challenges, Evolution Lifestyle Fitness @ RealFit Club

created a training program specifically for people from 20-49.

The Prime Time Fitness Training workout is made for your age group. At this time of your life, your muscles recover quicker than they will later in life, so our workouts push you harder. Plus, you’ll create a foundation of fitness to keep you going even when age catches up with you.

And, even if you’re in your 40s and getting a later start, you can still build plenty of muscle, strength, and energy. Yes, your metabolism has slowed down a bit, but most people’s bodies change due to lifestyle at 40, not age.

That’s why Prime Time Fitness Training ranges from ages 20-49. We know you’re still in your prime. Regardless of how you look or feel right now, Prime Time Fitness Training will get you back in your prime.

Our programs are designed to give you maximum results based on your age & lifestyle in fun, short classes. And, we have two different styles of classes:

Private Training

Individualized personal training with attentive focus and a connective experience produce much better results. If you’ve had an injury, haven’t been active for a while, have a specific goal in mind, or just want a little extra attention, personal training will get you back on track.

Small-Group Training

Class sizes are kept between 3 and 6 participants. That way, you get similar attention and results as Private training with the community benefits of Team Training.

Team Training

This is an enjoyable, socializing environment where you get to interact with people specifically in your age group. All of the people will have goals and fitness levels similar to your own, so you’ll feel included. You might even make a new friend or two!

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