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If you dread working out, consider going to a bootcamp in Raleigh. Boot camps are directed by a personal trainer. You get all the benefits of having your own personal trainer, but in a group setting. Everyone is working on his or her own personalized goal, but they’re doing it together. Before the camp ever begins, the trainer learns each member’s goal, learns if there are any special needs, such as physical limitations and assesses each person’s fitness level in all areas; balance, strength, flexibility and endurance. Then the trainer makes each member’s plan.

You’ll all work together, but will do it differently than the person next to you.

No matter what the challenge, each person has different goal. Some will be doing more repetitions or lifting heavier weights, while others will be doing the workout without small breaks between sets. Some will even have a different form. For instance, if the task was push-ups, the very unfit or those with special needs, like back problems, will do them in a bent knee position. Those that are super fit may do them with extra weight on their back. Each person will have an appropriate level of difficulty and each person will be working his or her hardest.

There’s loads of comradery at a boot camp.

Everyone is working hard, so they know how difficult meeting personal goals can be. In fact, even the fittest person will be struggling to achieve their workout program. You’ll often hear people encouraging one another or even high-fiving or cheering when some achieves a goal. The enthusiasm is contagious. People help one another and often become good friends, who also notice if you don’t show up, making it motivating too.

Some boot camps provide nutritional information.

It all depends on the trainer and the type of camp you attend. Some provide information to help you learn to eat healthier, which is important for a healthy lifestyle and for weight loss. Just like the exercise routines, these plans are all personalized. While you might get sample meals at first, eventually you’ll learn how to make substitutions and wiser decisions on food no matter where you eat. That’s a huge benefit when you want to transform yourself.

—Boot camps provide a wide variety of different types of exercises. You’ll learn how to do each one correctly and have an arsenal of workouts when the camp ends.

—Many people sign up for boot camps to get started on a program of exercise. They often find they enjoy it so much they make it their permanent program and sign up for the next session.

—You’ll see results quickly when you workout at a boot camp. Results are super motivating.

—There’s a lot of motivation from the personal trainer to stick with the program. Just knowing you’ll be held accountable and be missed at a session is a motivating factor.

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