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Getting thinner and fitter doesn’t have to be boring. A Raleigh boot camp can actually make it fun. Boot camps have many opportunities for team challenges, games, circuit training and some even have a point system to name the winner. Don’t worry if you were the last in your gym class to be picked for a team, everyone is doing the challenge based on his or her own fitness level. That’s because it’s structured that way.

Personal trainers run boot camps and do investigating before the camp starts.

The trainer learns each participant’s goals, finds out if they have any special needs and identifies each person’s fitness levels, including weaker muscle groups. The fitness levels include the participant’s flexibility, strength, endurance and balance. Only then, does the trainer design a program specifically for each person’s needs. The program will be challenging, but still safely within that person’s capability.

While the challenges and workouts look like everyone’s doing the same thing, you have to look closer to spot the difference.

No matter whether you’re competing for points, in a team challenge or working out on your own, you’ll be working toward your own personal goals. While there might be a challenge to do a push-ups or move a weighted object across the floor quickly, everyone will have a different goal to reach. The very fit may lift heavier weights or more push-ups and the newbie will have lighter weights for the challenge or even a modified bent knee form for the push-ups and far fewer in number to complete.  The challenge is to see who makes the most improvement, not to see who races the fastest or lifts the most.

Boot camps are great bargains.

You get all the services you’d have in private sessions but at the fraction of their cost. The trainer designs a personalized program, helps you learn to do each exercise correctly and adjusts your workout as you improve but at a far less price. That’s because the whole group pays for the cost of the trainer’s time, making it far less per person.

  • Many people start out at a boot camp, just to test the waters. They often find they’re so much fun they sign up for another right after the first one ends.
  • Trainers vary the workout at boot camps to prevent plateauing, which can happen when the body becomes too efficient at doing a specific movement. Plateauing slows weight loss.
  • You’ll get fast results at a boot camp and that can be very motivating.
  • Boot camps promote comradery, which can boost your motivation.

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