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If you’ve put on pounds every year and want to shed them fast, a Raleigh weight loss program is a good place to start. The program should not only include nutritional information, but also an exercise regimen. The two work together to get rid of fat quickly by lowering your overall caloric intake and increasing the number of calories you burn. That spells double trouble for fat.

Exercise alone won’t shed pounds as quickly.

While exercising is good and it does help you burn more calories, it’s not the total answer. Exercising helps you tone your muscles, build your endurance and increase your flexibility. It also burns calories, but if you’re stopping off after a brisk workout to get an order of fries or grab a donut on the way home, that workout was for naught. Exercise can help reduce stress and help you sleep better at night, both of which help you keep eating under control. It increases your metabolism, another help in weight control and gives you more energy to stay active throughout the day.

A healthy diet does the trick.

Eating healthier makes a huge difference for weight control. It not only lowers the caloric intake, it increases nutritional input. There are many studies that link poor nutrition to weight gain. Healthy eating isn’t dieting. Dieting doesn’t work. It restricts eating to specific foods, leaves you feeling deprived and often hungry. Diets always end. If you eat a “forbidden” food or “fall off the diet wagon,” it can start an unbridled feeding frenzy that leads to even more weight gain. If you’re successful in weight loss, it also ends and you return to old eating habits that put on the pounds in the first place.

Eating healthy and exercising has a proven track record of success.

Eating healthy means eating more whole foods and fewer processed ones. It often means eating more times during the day, but making sure that those in-between meals are healthy snacks. It’s fueling your body with foods that provide the building blocks to a healthy body. Exercise makes you look slimmer—even if you never lost a pound, but it also helps you shed those pounds while you’re working out. You’ll be healthier, thinner and have more energy than you thought possible.

  • A personal trainer can provide the help with both nutritional information and an exercise program.
  • Trainers create a program designed specifically for your needs. The trainer first learns your goals, special needs and does tests for your fitness level before he or she ever creates the program.
  • You’ll see results fast, but feel them even quicker. Both healthy eating and exercise helps you look and feel great. Both can help prevent serious conditions.
  • You’ll look years younger in a few months after following the plan of healthy diet and exercising.

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