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    As an African American male I grew up in a family where terrible eating, heavy alcoholic drinking was the norm. But not only that drugs had plagued our family. On the outside many of us looked awesome but the reality was many of my family had terrible health conditions. It was horror at times watching your family members die an early death. I lived my life witnessing my grandfather die in his 50͛s. From uncles to cousins I witnessed early deaths and most of it was the result of an unhealthy lifestyle.

    That’s when I found Olo. I was heading into Walmart and these 2 young men with sweat suits on were there talking and I said I remember when my body used to look like that. Olo said it still can look this way. I͛’m like, “yeah right”. At my age with all this weight no way. So we begin to talk and as I discussed my issues with them they said warren you need to come meet us at the gym. After a few weeks Olo told me they had a 60 day challenge coming up. I did it and met great people who helped me to change my eating habits as well as put me on a great workout plan to help me loose weight. I’m thankful for this organization. But man, I͛’m really thankful to the BEST trainer Olo Onuma for not letting me say NO!

    Warren Caldwell