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    “The improvement I've seen in my youngest,age 7, is unbelievable.”

    I have my two sons taking the trainer lead fitness class at Lifetime and I am more than impressed with it.  My oldest, age 10, is learning proper body mechanics and is getting prepared for when he can come up there with me.

    However, the improvement I’ve seen in my youngest,age 7, is unbelievable.  My youngest meets the criteria to be diagnosed with ADD/ADHD but I do not wish to start him on the medications unless absolutely necessary.  After researching nonpharmacological options, I started him in this fitness class.  The fitness class has made such a huge improvement in him. He sleeps better on Monday nights (class is Monday early evening) and he focuses much better and is able to stay on task better.  He still needs redirection but it’s so much easier to do that.  I no longer have to fight with him to finish his homework and his teachers have told me he’s better focused on class as well.  I actually atribute his improvement to this class and the structure and exercise Jason is able to provide.  I am aware my son may indeed need the stimulant medications but today is not that day.  I recommend this class to anyone who has children, especially those with focusing issues in class as something to try before they try medications.

    Casey Baldwin, Pharm.D
    Casey Baldwin, Pharm.D