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    Welcome to the beginning of my new life. Thanks to Lifetime I now know that I will reach my goals by staying consistent, keeping a positive attitude, and managing life one day at a time. Last April I hit an all-time low and just like countless other people struggling with obesity, I was desperate to find a way to get rid of my excess weight. My struggle with anxiety, depression, and stress put me on an endless cycle of continuing to gain weight year after year. I became tired of always having no energy to enjoy life. I knew there was only one way for me to get my life back –I had to find Olo. There is no judgement, just positive encouragement to keep pushing us forward on our journey. From the entrance staff that greet us on the way in and again on the way out, to the professional trainers, and kids academy team – our life has improved tremendously. Persistence, determination, positive affirmations, consistency and the full use of Lifetime are all keys to the success I have accomplished thus far.I use a fitness watch to track activity, carry a half gallon water jug with me to stay well hydrated, and I continue to meet with Olo on a regular basis to build strength and progress on my journey. I celebrate non-scale victories and never stop believing in myself. No one can do this work for me. This is my journey and mine to make a success.

    Cathy Scales