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    Dropped 75lbs, went from 22/24 size to an 8.Current waist line 27-28. …. I dropped a lot of weight on my own starting out however, since working with Olo I have dropped more weight, inches and most importantly I have dropped and reduce my body fat tremendously and gotten toned up as well; Which were the quality things that doesn’t always comes with weight loss and I was unable to accomplish by myself. In other words, is one thing to lose weight and it is another to lose body fat and get toned as well. I have always wanted to train with Olo even when I had a different trainer, I admired is training style and distinctive obvious result from his other clients from all ages, body types e.t.c. When the opportunity presented itself, I joined the Olo’s training team and here is outcome since Olo’s Kinesis training class in ONLY 4 months at 55 YEARS OLD and still rolling. He is the MAN!!!

    Gloria Hills
    "Lost 75 pounds!"