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    When I was a baby, it was cute; baby fat that I would outgrow. As a child, my family assured me as I got taller, I’d slim down. As a teenager, I had such a ‘pretty face’ if only I could drop the weight. Well, I didn’t outgrow my weight issues. Not only didn’t I outgrow them, they became steadily more taxing in adulthood. I felt trapped. As a child, I loved to swim and even swam competitively in my teens. As an adult, more often I was sitting on the side of the pool to avoid having to wear a bathing suit. Last year, everything hit the fan. In October, I was in a serious car accident. Every part of my body hurt. There was the physical therapy, the lawyers, and fighting with the insurance companies – it was beyond stressful. I started to gain more weight from all the stress eating. Barely a month later, my father passed away. He’d been battling bone cancer for years but what eventually killed him were complications to his diabetes. It was a serious wake-up call. How could I not change my habits? What was it going to take? With the help of a dedicated trainer, Olo Onuma, and the support of numerous other Life Time staff members, I began to see changes. Olo pushed me hard with strength training but more importantly, he pushed me to believe in myself and my journey. I placed my trust in something bigger than myself for once, and the weight steadily came off. While I still have weight to lose, completing the 60-Day challenge has been such an accomplishment. As Olo would say, where it begins to get uncomfortable is where change starts.

    Kendell Garcia