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    Wow, it has been 7 months already! What a journey this has been. I am very elated that I met my weight lost goal of 50lbs. I went from a size 18 to a 12. These results came about due to hard work, discipline, dedication, determination, consistency, and will power. There are 3 things that have to take place. 1)continue to out with my personal trainer for at least but not limited to 6 more months to tone my over all body, 2)continue to perform cardio at least but not limited to 5 days a week, 3)continue to realize that this is a Life Style Change forever.
    Again, I must give thanks to 1st and foremost my Lord Jesus Christ and Savior for giving me the strength and health to get this journey started. Next, I can’t thank my wonderful and loving husband enough for making this a team effort and keeping me on tract. And last but never least a super thanks to the KING of personal trainers, Olo for his splendid EXPERTISE on restoring me. People often ask me, “Isn’t it expensive to pay a personal trainer?” Well my respond to them is when I see real weight loss results, live a healthy & fit life, feel fantastic and look fabulous – IT IS PRICELESS. LaTonya Robinson

    Latonya Robinson