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    I am proud to announce that I now weigh 209.7 lbs and have lost 61.5 lbs in only 90 days.

    That’s a grand total of 87.3 lbs since I’ve joined Lifetime just 6 months ago.

    So here it is….“I love you no matter what you look like. I married you because I love you, all of you.” That was the worst thing and the sweetest thing my husband of 18 years has ever said to me. I’ve been over 200 lbs since 2000. I was ashamed of how I looked. Yet I had every excuse in the book why I couldn’t lose weight. In May of 2015 the scale hit 297 lbs. I refused to let it hit 300.

    On Mother’s Day my sister Michelle and I joined Lifetime Fitness. Lifetime gave me no chances for excuses. They have a wonderful; fun filled Kids Academy If it weren’t for Lifetime having this option I would still be close to if not more than 300 lbs.

    We started working out with the one of the best trainers ever, Olo Onuma. We did an Active Metabolic Assessment test & learned the value of knowing our heart rate zones while working out. From the day I joined until August 1st I had lost 26 lbs. Unfortunately my weight loss had plateaued.

    I turned to my trainer for advice. Olo told me that the 90 Day Challenge was exactly the incentive and support that I needed to get me back on track in my weight loss journey. I immediately signed up. I started out weighing 271 lbs. My sister and I purchased the D.TOX kit from the Life Café to start things right. During the 1st week I lost 13 lbs.

    Our trainer Olo along with another fabulous trainer, Craig Long held special free workouts for everyone who joined the 90 Day Challenge to get a bonus group workout on Saturdays. Craig and Olo along with everyone who was taking the classes cheered each other along week by week.

    Laura Piazza