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    My weight has always fluctuated from elementary all the way to high school. I had a diagnosis from my doctor of pre-diabetes and high blood pressure in June, this jump-started my life in a direction of wanting to get healthy and stay that way. Upon joining the Lifestyle Fitness gym I would always walk by the “Wall of Worthiness” as I call it. These men and women were worthy of having their before and after pictures on this wall, I was shocked to see such amazing transformations for so many. I always thought you had to eat and sleep in the gym to obtain such results. After reading these testimonies week-after-week I had made up in my mind, if these people could do it then so could I. I scheduled an appointment with Olo to find out how I could be one of these people with a great success story, upon meeting with Olo I was given all the tools that I would need which included: weekly workout schedule, healthy and well balanced eating plan, and the proper strength training exercises to attain my goals. Olo has given me something that I lacked which was motivation and encouragement, even when my mouth says “I can’t,” Olo says “you can.”

    Malquis Oakley