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    My name is Mary Spencer and I am just shy of 60 years old. I never thought I would be in this place in terms of my physical fitness and appearance at this point in my life. I thought I would continue to “yo-yo” in my weight, wear skirts or dresses to hide my thighs, and be tired and worn down after a typical day. After having my second daughter when I was 44 years old, I was never able to lose all of the pregnancy weight and pretty much continued to carry the extra weight and misery for several years. I’d lose a bit here and there but never got it under control. At first, I was working out on my own, feeling better but still not losing the weight or the inches…..until I met Olo Onuma and started working out with him two days a week with an extra boot camp class on the weekends. I knew the moment I met Olo he would be the right trainer for me. He clearly is an expert in fitness, how the body works, and through conversations and discussing my short and long term goals with him, we began our process together. As my conditioning improved, I was able to keep up with my workout and push even harder. My weights were slowly increasing and over time, I not only lost 30 pounds but I lost body fat and inches across all areas of my body. Olo knew my heart and was there each and every session motivating me, encouraging me, and holding me accountable to my goals. I am now a person that loves how I feel and how I look. My confidence has grown tremendously and I am the healthiest I have been since my 20’s. I owe this to Olo and his expertise and support and his ability to motivate me to do my best!

    Mary Spencer