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    I lost 43 lbs and 17% body fat and my waist also went from 34 inches to 26 inches in only 4 ½ months!! With the expertise, persistence and motivation from my personal trainer, Olo- WE DID IT! Olo’s expertise regarding fitness and nutrition, thorough explanations, passion for his clients’ goals, and “structured” approach is a winning combination and really put me on theright path to achieve my goals. However, I must admit, at times, I felt like Olo was more determined than me…. especially towards the end (of Phase 1), when I had a “thought” to settle on the last 6 lbs; but he knew exactly what was needed and wouldn’t let my thought become reality. I will always be grateful for his aggressive “push” and creative training regiments when I needed it most. Olo – Thanks for being #1 and simply the BEST personal trainer there is!

    Sharee Bowman