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If you want the best results, look for the best weight loss center in Raleigh NC and use their services. There are all types of centers. Some just provide a program of exercise, while others just provide nutritional information or sell you special food and supplements to help you lose weight. The best type not only provides information on nutrition and healthy eating, but also an exercise program created specifically for your needs.

Trainers first learn about you.

There’s a reason they’re called a personal trainer. It’s because each person has their own plan designed specifically for their needs. The trainer learns their goals, finds out if they have any special needs, such as physical limitations that might require modifying a program and assesses that person’s overall fitness level in all areas; endurance, strength, flexibility and balance. Only then does the trainer create the clients’ program. It will be tough, but safely within that person’s capability.

The trainer also helps each person learn to eat healthier.

Exercising is a part of the program, but eating healthier is the core. You’ll be amazed at ways you can make small substitutions to lower calories in some foods, while still getting all the nutrition that it has to offer. You’ll learn to have healthy snacks for mid-morning and mid-afternoon, which will keep you filled until supper, but won’t pack on the pounds. Most of the food is whole food, food that has very little processing. Highly processed foods, such as beef sticks or snack food, provide huge amounts of empty calories that can sabotage anyone’s healthy eating habits.

The combination of exercising and healthy eating helps you shed pounds faster.

To lose one pound you have to eat 3500 fewer calories than you burn. When you eat a healthy diet, you’re lowering your caloric intake. Exercising increases the output of calories. Combining the two creates double trouble for fat cells, while providing some very good side benefits.

—Some personal trainers have group sessions to save each client money. While you get the same benefits as private training, it’s far less expensive, since everyone in the group shares the cost.

—You’ll notice your energy level rise within a week or two. The more energy you have the more active you’ll be and the quicker you’ll lose weight. The more you’ll also get done each day.

—You’ll look fantastic. The combination of exercise and a healthy diet makes you look years younger. Some of the change is your improved posture, while other changes come from improved circulation that helps the skin.

—If you choose a group approach, you’ll often find that these are challenging, but also fun. Everyone is in the same boat and very supportive.

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