Boosting Your Body’s Stem Cells

You’ll protect your health and improve your appearance by boosting your body’s stem cells. There’s been a lot of talk about stem cells, some of it positive, some negative. However, most people equate stem cells with fetuses and embryonic stem cells. They shouldn’t. Many of the recent studies deal with adult stem cells. Stem cells have the ability to become a multitude of different cells. They’re like the raw material for cells that are used to repair damaged cells and divide to increase the number of cells. Each person has stem cells in their body.

There are medical techniques to use your own stem cells.

For quite a while, doctors have used bone marrow stem cells for transplants in the treatment of specific types of cancer. More recently, doctors are using the body’s stem cells as therapy for degenerative diseases and conditions, such as osteoarthritis. The doctors collect the stem cells from bone marrow and adipose fat, put them in an centrifuge to create a concentrate and inject them back at the site of the damage. It helps joint related issues and helps repair the damage, lower or eliminate pain and boost healing.

Exercise is one way to boost your own stem cells.

The more active you are, the more stem cells your body creates. Which is why doctors who use stem cell therapy to repair joints often recommend increasing activity to boost the production of the cells. Nothing just chance when it comes to how the body functions. The more active you are, the more you need stem cells to repair the damage or replace the older cells lost in exercise. Increasing your activity is just one of the ways to boost your stem cells and probably part of the reason that exercise can help relieve the pain of arthritis.

Consider changing your eating habits.

That doesn’t just mean eating healthy foods, it means changing how and when you eat. Although eating healthy can promote stem cell growth. There are studies that show calorie restriction and fasting can boost stem cells. Even intermittent fasting, the act of eating during an eight hour window and fasting the other sixteen hours, can boost the number of stem cells. One study showed that fasting for a few days boosted stem cell production. It makes sense that when fasting mice were compared to those that ate normally, fasting mice looked and acted years younger than their counterparts who ate on demand.

  • A study of people taking Tai Chi showed that it boosted their stem cell production by several fold.
  • Your body repairs itself when you sleep, so getting adequate sleep can boost stem cell production. Studies show that it’s true. Burning the candle at both ends could mean you age faster.
  • Radiation can damage stem cells. Whether you have dental x-rays, chest x-rays or just go out in the sun, take precautions to prevent stem cell damage. Make sure that shield covering your body at the dentist covers adequately.
  • Ironically, the sun’s radiation can damage stem cells, but the vitamin D3 the body makes from the sun’s rays boosts stem cell production. Practice safe sunning.

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