Easy Workouts To Do While Kids Are Napping

Exercise is so important that I encourage people to workout, even if they can’t make it to the gym. With everything going on, sometimes getting a babysitter is impossible or simply not prudent if they’re sick. That’s why I love to suggest alternatives for those days. They’re easy workouts you can do at home when you have the opportunity, which is normally nap time. Some involve short but intense workouts, others are longer and less intense. You’ll revive your energy when you give yourself the gift of working out.

Create your own circuit training routine.

One of the best types of workouts is circuit training, especially if you vary the speed of the workout and make it HIIT training, too. Choose three or four exercises. It could be mountain climbers, burpees and lunges. Do a minute of each one without a rest in between and then pace for two to three minutes for recovery. If you do four sets, which takes about twenty minutes, you’ll get your heart racing and have a workout that really works.

You don’t need weights for strength training.

You can do strength training at home without weights. Just use what you have on hand, such as water bottles filled with sand or water or a milk or detergent bottle with a handle. Even soup cans can be good starting weights. Consider these exercises done one after another, chest presses, squats, bodyweight lunges, bent over rows, overhead shoulder presses and single arm kickbacks. Do 12 repetitions of each, rest 60 seconds. Do a second set, rest and repeat. If you aim for about three to four seconds for each repetition, it will take you about 15 minutes.

Too much to do? Make your work, your workout.

Most at home moms and dads have way too much to do, which can include not only housework and child care but may also be teleworking from home. That makes time even more limited. Multitask and use your cleaning time to get a workout. Vacuum with vigor, making each push of the vacuum a lunge. Do squats as you pick up laundry and run up and down stairs when necessary. A complete squat can be done folding clothes and putting them in the basket and leg/calf raises are compatible with doing dishes, or working at the sink.

  • No matter what type of workout you do, don’t forget to warm up first. Jumping rope for a minute, walk around the room or run in place.
  • Don’t make it a formal workout. Put in your earbuds, turn up the music and dance like there’s no tomorrow. It doesn’t have to be beautiful…nobody is looking. Turn off the music and walk around the room. It gives you a recovery time and lets you check on the kids.
  • Don’t worry about nap time workouts. Instead, get your child involved with your workout. You’ll be teaching them good habits and have fun at the same time. For babies, exercise while you’re holding them with moves like squats.
  • If you have a child that’s five years old or older, bring them to Evolution Lifestyle Fitness with you. We have classes for people of all ages, starting at five. You can get your workout, while they learn, too.

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