Every Decision Counts

If you’re starting a fitness program, remember, every decision counts to either benefit you or sabotage your efforts. Skipping one workout can lead to skipping two and then quitting altogether. Eating just one chip isn’t very damaging, unless you finish off the bag once you break the taboo and eat just one. (Seriously, nobody can eat just one according to the Lay’s Potato Chip commercial.) Circling the lot to find the closest parking spot or waiting to take the elevator instead of the chairs are small decisions, but when compiled, make a huge difference in your health.

Start with your shopping habits.

If you don’t have junk food at home, you won’t eat it…at least, not when you’re home. When you go grocery shopping, first create your menu and then list the foods you need. Stick to the list. If you want to take it a step further, take cash, not the debit card to make your purchases. You’ll be less likely to overbuy or grab those extra candy bars and goodies, if you’re paying cash because you’re limited to a specific amount of money. Shop after eating, not before you eat.

Decide to workout, if only for ten minutes.

Most people have a crowded day and slicing an hour of time from it can be quite difficult. Even if the extra time isn’t a problem, getting the energy to go to the gym or even workout at home can be a problem. If you have ten minutes, you can make a smart decision. Use that time to get exercise. Go for a brisk walk, run up and down the stairs, do a few push-ups or other exercises. Everyone has ten minutes to spare several times throughout the day and it only takes three to four sessions to get a full workout. If you didn’t feel like working out, once you start exercising, you’ll probably do your whole routine, it just takes a smart decision to start.

Be mindful at meals and throughout the day.

Too often people work and eat like they’re in a fog, doing the same things continually. Be aware of those times you’re grabbing a snack and ask yourself if you really need it or even want it. You may be eating out of habit and not really hungry. Be mindful of your hunger, too. Make a decision to eat healthy snacks and don’t forget to grab veggies or fruit for a snack between meals. It curbs your appetite so you’ll eat less at the meal and also satisfies your hunger so you don’t grab an unhealthy snack.

> Make a decision to do one or more active tasks throughout the day. Whether it’s scrubbing the floors the old fashioned way, washing windows or rearranging furniture, you’ll get a job done and be more active.

> Getting adequate sleep not only is heart healthy, it’s also good for weight loss. Before you stay up that extra hour watching the same old reruns, ask yourself if it’s worth losing sleep.

> Getting adequate water throughout the day is important for good health. Make a decision to have a few bottles to drink throughout the day. Sometimes thirst is mistaken for hunger.

> Think before you drink. Alcohol is super high in calories and slows fat metabolism. Limit your intake to one drink and switch to water.

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