Get The Body You Want By Changing Your Mind

Some people have tried to lose weight before and failed. Then sometimes sabotage their efforts and why? It’s because they don’t believe they either deserve or can achieve success when it comes to fitness and weight loss. You can get the body you want by changing your mind. I tell clients in Raleigh that success comes with the right attitude and consistency. Changing doesn’t occur overnight. It’s the compilation of many small changes that add up to huge benefits.

Put one foot in front of the other.

That song looms in my head when I have a difficult task. Sure, it’s from a Christmas program for kids, but there’s no better lesson to learn no matter what your age. Everything starts by taking the first step, followed by the second. Focus on taking that first step. Start a workout program and don’t think about the months and years you’ll be doing it, but instead about doing that one time. Vow to do that workout and consider the next when the time comes. It’s far easier to envision just one workout and once you’re done, you’ll be glad you did it.

Find something to like to eat that’s healthy and remember, you still can have some of your favorite food.

Don’t focus on what foods you hate or those you’ll miss, find new healthier options you love! Remember that eating healthy doesn’t have to mean you’re giving up all your favorite foods forever. It means that you’ll eat fewer of them and more healthy options. That makes it easier when you know you don’t have to go a lifetime without your favorite high calorie dish or pass up that delicious pie your aunt makes for the holidays.

Be your own best friend.

Too often people say the absolute worst things about themselves that would be fighting words if they came from anyone else. Don’t be that person. You deserve praise when you do something right, not condemnation for not doing enough. Focus on the positive. If you ate healthy on Monday, log it and wear that success with pride. If you secretly stole candy out of your child’s Halloween bounty, don’t beat yourself up over it, we all make mistakes.

  • Feel each movement during your exercise and realize how good it is to move those muscles. It may be tough, but the fact you can do it and are tackling it, means you’re even tougher.
  • Don’t think about past failures. Every day we wake up, we’re a new person with new experiences. Remember, you are a winner and can accomplish anything you set your mind to do.
  • Track your workout and track your progress. Keeping a food chart is also important. Winners keep score.
  • Stay consistent. If life throws you a curve ball and there’s no time to workout, break your workout to smaller ten minute sessions or do even smaller sessions during television commercials. Do what you can when you can to maintain your workout schedule.

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