Get The Kids Involved

I love the fact that we have something for everyone at Evolution Lifestyle Fitness in Raleigh, NC, whether the person is six or sixty. You can get the kids involved, while also working out yourself and bringing an aging parent in for exercise that can help keep them more independent. Our online fitness program can make it even easier to keep the family fit. Fitness should be a family affair. That scheduled workout and healthy meals can prevent long hours spent at the doctor’s office, while creating a family bond that lasts for years.

Healthy meals can be created by everyone in the family.

Today, meals are often eaten on the run or in the car or food is brought home in cartons and consumed in front of a television or computer. You can change all that and still have plenty of time. Kids can learn how to eat healthier and even help you create healthy meals on the weekend that are warm up ready during the week when it’s lunch or dinner time.

Kids can help and it makes healthy eating more fun.

If you want kids to snack healthier, make sure there are nutritious snacks available. Even younger children can help make snacks for the day or week. Ants on a log, celery stuffed with peanut butter that’s topped with raisins, is the perfect example of a snack kids can help make. Even a five year old can put those “ants” onto the log and add to the healthy snack. Older kids can help with all the food preparation and even provide some great ideas for healthy and delicious meals.

Keeping active can mean family fun time.

Kids learn what they live. If you and your family spend free time being active. Taking family hikes, biking, roller blading and even shooting hoops together will not only create a firm foundation for an active lifestyle, it will help make family memories that last a lifetime. Even working out together can be fun. You’ll not only be helping your children, you’ll be helping yourself in the process, too.

  • It’s not easy to be a parent today. There are often a lot of demands on your time. Whether working out together or preparing healthy meal options, doing it with the children can make give you quality kid time and be a great teaching moment.
  • Whether your teen is an athlete or not, he or she will benefit from a program of exercise. It helps build the body, while boosting confidence.
  • Studies show that children who exercise regularly have improved cognitive skills and behavior that helps them both in and out of the classroom.
  • At Evolution Lifestyle Fitness, your whole family can get one free private personal training session or a full week of group training. Take advantage of the opportunity and experience it yourself.

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