Give Your Kids A Choice

Most people just go along with the crowd and do whatever is popular at the time, regardless of how it affects their health or well-being. That’s not true with parents who teach children to think for themselves and use common sense to live a healthy lifestyle. You can give your kids a choice, but if you aren’t sure what a healthy lifestyle is or how to achieve healthy eating, you may need to educate yourself before you can help them. It’s one of the reasons we have the Parent’s Fitness Education Workshop. We teach parents the latest in fitness and healthy options for children.

Getting kids to eat healthy isn’t hard when you have help.

Just because a package says no gluten, doesn’t mean it’s good for kids. Some of those kid favorites that lead you to think they’re healthy with the packaging, aren’t really smart choices. Maybe you switch out cola for fresh juice. That’s a good start, but your child would be better off drinking water and eating the fruit whole! There’s a lot to learn when it comes to eating healthy and we can help you get the knowledge you need.

Exercise should be normal for kids, but that’s just a memory from the past.

When your parents and grandparents were kids, their mother’s often opened the door in the morning to let them play outside, only to come back into the house for lunch and dinner. They ran, played tag, dodge ball and kick the can. Today, playtime often means a video screen is in front of your child’s eyes and their bottom never moves off the couch. To make it even worse, there are studies that show too much computer time isn’t healthy for young brains. It’s time to help your child make a change and give them better choices.

Getting your kids active is the first step.

Maybe you don’t have anywhere you can go to shoot hoops, but you might have a great place to walk and enjoy the scenery. Young children love walking trips, especially to local parks or preserves. Our fitness program is one option that helps get children in shape. They often find that they prefer it to video games because it makes them feel better when they finish a session.

  • Helping kids to grow up healthy is a matter of giving them healthy options. Working out and learning to eat healthy is a start, but there are far more ways to continue the path they’ll find once they start feeling fit and strong.
  • You can help your child make good choices by starting your own fitness program and becoming a great role model for them.
  • When you stock the refrigerator with snacks for after school or mid morning, give a lot of options, but make them all healthy ones.
  • You don’t have to go overboard for healthy eating. Having some cake at a birthday party won’t hurt, but eating cake with each meal will.

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