Having A Better Attitude Toward Fitness

Getting fit isn’t always easy. It takes an effort. However, you can make it easier by adopting a better attitude toward fitness. Everyone has had those days when they’d rather go directly home and nap rather than working out and it’s on those days that your attitude makes a difference. At those times, you need to switch your focus from how tired and stressed out you feel to how much better you’ll feel after your workout.

Remember what made you start your fitness program.

Everyone has personal reasons they started a program of fitness. Sometimes, it’s for weight loss, sometimes for better health or more energy. No matter what your reason, always keep it at the foreground, so on those days when you’re ready to quit or just skip a day, the reason is prominent in your mind. It provides that extra incentive to switch to workout mode.

Working out will be hard, but focus more on how it’s helping you.

If you go into a fitness program thinking that it will be easy, you’ll be disappointed. If it’s a good program, you’ll work hard. The program needs to work you toward your maximum potential and when you find it easy, be adjusted to match your new level of fitness. That’s where trainers provide a huge benefit. They always make sure you’re working your hardest, but never beyond your capability.

As you master each muscle, feel pride.

One of my clients that got the best results often smiled throughout the entire workout, even though it was hard. One day I asked her why and how she managed that. She said she loved feeling how much control she was gaining over each muscle group and how each muscle responded when she did each exercise. She noted that the appreciation came after a parent had a stroke and she watched as that parent struggled just to make a minor movement.

  • If you really hate the workout you’re doing, don’t do it. Do something else instead. If you hate running but love swimming, use swimming as part of your fitness program. Even in the gym, a personal trainer can help you with exercises you’ll enjoy doing.
  • Are you bored or not losing weight as easily? It’s time to switch up the workout and get a new one. Doing the same routine continuously can cause plateauing and especially boredom.
  • If you want to stay motivated, make working out a game. Track the amount of weight you lift or the number of reps you do and challenge yourself to beat your personal best.
  • Take time to celebrate your successes. It takes the sting out of the workout and makes it all worthwhile. Even if you haven’t hit your big goal, hitting a weekly or monthly goal is a big deal. Celebrate it.

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