Heart Monitor

When results are what you want, heart monitors can help you get them. Let’s face it. Everyone who takes the time and effort to workout regularly wants to see fabulous results. That doesn’t always happen. Sometimes it’s because the person just isn’t using the right program, but often it’s because they aren’t achieving the perfect heart rate to maximize the workout benefits and either not raising it high enough or raising it too high.

You can work really hard and push yourself beyond your comfort zone, but still get only partial benefits.

You’ll burn calories no matter how hard you work. Even a halfhearted workout burns some calories and one done with super gusto burns a lot! But where are those calories coming from. Is your body burning fat or muscle tissue? When you workout beyond the FITzone, raising it too high, you may not be burning fat, but be burning muscle tissue. You don’t want to do that!!! It’s not part of the plan. Heart rate monitors can help prevent it.

Doing too little won’t get the results you hope to achieve.

While lots of people push too hard, many people never realize just how much potential they have when it comes to exercising. They give an effort but never go beyond their comfort zone, so they never reap all the benefits they could have from a vigorous workout. A heart rate monitor will tell you just how hard you’re working and help you push yourself to the sweet zone—where you reap all the benefits. You’ll see better results faster.

Heart rate monitors can be helpful even when you’re not exercising.

If you’re walking anywhere, you can use the monitor to help you pick up your step and make that walk part of your exercise program. Use it when going up the stairs…make sure you take them instead of the elevator…and get even more exercise for your day. These small additions to your program can become lifelong habits that really pay off. One study showed that the brisker the step and the longer the stride of an older person, the healthier they were. That’s because it got their heart pumping.

Never worry whether you’re maximizing the benefit of your exercise time again. Just look at your wrist and your monitor will tell you.

Boost your metabolism when you use the heart rate monitor to identify your fat burning zone.

The more you use the heart rate monitor, the easier you’ll be able to recognize the FITzone without it.

The monitor maximizes your results so you can lose a minimum of 12 inches in 12 workouts.

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