How To Find The Right Trainer

Not every trainer is a match for every person and not all trainers are equal when it comes to knowledge of both fitness and motivation. Finding the right trainer in Raleigh, NC is important to your progress. While I believe my background speaks for itself and my years of studies into what works and gets the quickest results, you have to determine what works best for you. Here are some things that I believe are important and should be part of your fitness program. Use this information to help you find a trainer.

It’s not being sexist to say men require a different workout from women.

Hormonal and structurally, men’s bodies are different. In a lot of ways, they actually have it easier when it comes to losing weight. Each sex has different road blocks when it comes to losing weight and require different types of exercise routines and dietary programs. That means that you have to consider sex and sex hormones when creating workouts and dietary plans. Because there is a difference in the amount of estrogen, testosterone and other sex hormones, men lose weight faster, particularly at first. Belly fat, visceral fat—the most dangerous type of fat—is more of a problem for men than women. Good trainers consider all aspects of a person before creating a workout.

A good trainer considers all lifestyle choices in their program.

If you want to get healthy, taking a break to have a smoke or grab a Coke shouldn’t be on your schedule. Neither should you workout for an hour at top speed only to grab a burger, fries and a beer on the way home. Good trainers should emphasize all lifestyle changes. While the client might not be ready to tackle all of the changes, I make sure they know they’re on the table and I can help. Exercise is only one aid to losing weight and living healthy, diet, adequate sleep, good hydration and breaking bad habits are a few more.

Your goals may not be the same as the person next to you, so your program shouldn’t be the same.

If a trainer doesn’t ask you about your goals the first day, he’s not doing his or her job. Body shapes, hormones, dietary habits and fitness levels are not all that’s different about each person, so are their goals. I had one client that came in because she was out of shape, which she was according to how she identified fit. However, she was far fitter than some people who have worked out for months. Each person has a different goal. Some people want to go beyond what others want. Some people also have further to go to reach their goals. A personal trainer needs to consider where you are and exactly what your goals are. Only you can determine what you ultimately want to achieve.

  • A good trainer knows that while working out is part of the picture, a healthy body starts in the kitchen. They should provide nutritional training, especially if weight loss is important.
  • Each person is different from even themselves. What worked great for you at 20 may not be appropriate at 45 or 50. Your body changes as it ages and a good program accounts for that change.
  • Good trainers hold you accountable by helping you create achievable goals. If your initial goal is big, the trainer should help you break it down to smaller, more achievable goals.
  • Good trainers should also consider your lifestyle and daily routine, helping you to make small changes that will boost your success.

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