How To Stay Motivated

Getting fit doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a long time. It requires you actually change years of negative habits and replace them with healthier ones. Because it isn’t something you do once and walk away, it means you have to stay motivated not only until you achieve your results, but also until you make it a habit so you achieve your goals permanently. While trainers can help you stay motivated, ultimately, it’s all up to you.

Keep your goals front and center.

One thing that trainers provide that’s extremely important is clarifying goals and creating ones that are workable. They have a time line, a well defined target and a step by step process to achieving that target. It keeps you on pace at the gym, but what about when you’re not in the gym? That’s when you can use those same goals to keep you on track. Keep them in your phone and take time outside of the gym to identify ways to help you reach them faster. It may be something as simple as parking further from the grocery and walking or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Think about your goal differently.

Remember in school when you got a good grade or did better on an exam than you thought. Remember that great feeling. You should feel that way every time you do something to help you reach your goals. Be proud of your achievements. Did you pass up a candy bar for a piece of fresh fruit? Celebrate! Pat yourself on the back and look for the next way you can boost your progress. Enjoy your successes and don’t beat yourself up on the times you missed the mark.

If you don’t have a personal trainer, get a workout buddy.

One of the benefits of having a personal trainer is that you’re held accountable for your goals. Just knowing the trainer is waiting for you and KNOWS whether you’ve shown up or put your effort into the workout can get you to the gym. A workout buddy provides the same benefits. Both trainers and workout buddies can also help you stay on the path of healthy eating and provide some tips that make eating healthy more enjoyable.

  • You’re not perfect and sometimes, you fall off the wagon, either skipping a workout or eating an entire chocolate cake. If that happens, put it in the past where it belongs and get right back to your healthy habits.
  • Schedule your workout. When you have an appointment with the gym or with your workout, you’re more likely to go than if you simply say you’ll do it some time that day—which normally means never.
  • Plan meals ahead of time. People who do this have grocery lists and have everything ready. If you’re busy during the week, take one day on the weekend to assemble the week’s food so you don’t have to think at the end of the day.
  • Remember eating healthy isn’t dieting. Occasionally, you can have foods you’ve always loved, just not every day and not in huge amounts.

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