Is Yoga Good For Kids?

I have parents in Raleigh, NC, that are concerned for the health of their children, given so many more sedentary alternatives, like online games, are available. I understand their concern, which is why yoga, kids and all fitness training for children is an important part of our services. Kids learn what they live and there’s no better time to help them develop healthy lifestyle habits. Healthy eating and an active lifestyle is important, not only for a healthy childhood, but for continuing health throughout their lives.

Kids need an outlet that’s healthy and calming.

All exercise helps alleviate the effects of stress and today, even children face the stresses of everyday living. Childhood is far different than it was years ago and there’s more competition for grades, more distractions, more negative communication and even more bullying, although it’s not done with fists but through words. Finding an outlet that’s healthy that can relieve that stress is important. Exercise, particularly yoga, is one way to do that. It helps calm the mind, while building self-esteem and an improved body image.

Yoga and other types of physical activity have other benefits.

Flexibility, strength, co-ordination and endurance are built through activity. Yoga is based on concentration and a calming sense. It helps children learn focus and develop and inner strength that extends to dealing with the outside world. Yoga isn’t just saying “Ommm” and sitting contemplating self. It’s not easy. While it is mostly noted for the flexibility, it takes an amazing amount of strength, yet doesn’t require damaging physical contact as some sports do.

Yoga is fun.

Stretching like a dog or roaring like a lion is fun for younger children. For older children, the challenge of holding a position or even attaining a position is a challenge that is intriguing and keeps kids focused. No matter what type of exercise is used, keeping it fun and still challenging is one of the most important roles we face as coaches. It helps lead children down the road of lifetime fitness.

  • Yoga can be helpful to develop muscles and help avoid injuries in other sports. Some of our programs deal specifically with to correct imbalances and injuries to help prevent future injuries.
  • Yoga can be a perfect prelude to preparing for a sport. It helps build muscle strength in all areas that are necessary to maintain safety and boost performance.
  • Childhood obesity is rampant and growing. Yoga can help children be more aware of their body and the food they eat to nourish it. One study shows that yoga can encourage weight loss because it helps the participant be more body awareness.
  • Our program not only focuses on exercise, it helps them learn to set and achieve goals and the basics of healthy eating. It holds them accountable and teaches the important lesson of the benefits of commitment.

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