Journey To Health And Fitness

Most people come to our gym in Raleigh to shed a few pounds or get more energy. In reality, what they’re really doing is beginning an exciting journey to health and fitness. Like any journey, it all starts with a destination. Most people refer to that as a goal. It may start out to be shedding a few pounds or fitting into a fabulous outfit for a high school reunion, but I find that once clients learn how good they feel, how enjoyable healthy eating is and how great they start to look, the destination changes. It becomes a lifelong adventure.

Eating healthy is one of the first changes you should make to enjoy every step of the journey.

The nice part of this experience with good health is that everyone’s journey is different. Some people just barely leave their comfort zone while others dive into the waters of fitness and swim to destinations they previously thought were impossible. It’s each person’s choice how far or long they want to travel. When it comes to eating healthy, some people simply cut out processed foods and eat more whole foods, which is an excellent start. Others dive in and look for ways to enhance their nutritional program with herbs, organic food, new recipes and complete elimination of sugar, processed food, white flour and fried foods. There’s no right or wrong journey. It’s all up to the individual and any change for the better is an exciting accomplishment.

Exercise is another step on the journey.

If you were an inexperienced traveler, no one would ever expect you to go to the jungles of the Amazon alone and explore or simply buy a plane ticket for a foreign country without having hotel reservations or some knowledge of the language or country. The same is true for exercise. If you’re a beginner, you need guidance and help to learn how to do each exercise and where to begin. For those more experienced, learning new exercises and having a companion to make sure you don’t get lost on your journey is important. As a trainer, I provide what the person needs for his or her fitness level and knowledge.

Living a healthy lifestyle is more than just diet and exercise.

Just like any journey is about more than the sleeping accommodations and transportation, fitness is about more than just diet and exercise. Learning to increase water intake, getting adequate sleep, avoiding overdoing alcohol, tobacco or other substances that aren’t part of a healthy lifestyle are also important steps. Everyone is different on those types of needs, too.

  • A healthy lifestyle also includes your mental attitude. While you’ll find that as you eat healthier and workout, it will improve, smiling more also helps improve it. Try it while you’re alone, you’ll see how it helps.
  • Stress can ruin a trip. It also takes it’s toll on your body. Learn ways to reduce stress in your life and healthy ways to deal with those things you can’t control.
  • Having companionship is also important. Even people that aren’t particularly social will benefit from helping others or having a pet. Caring about others does something wonderful for ourselves.
  • Appreciating every movement, experience and person in life is what ultimately what it’s about. Enjoy feeling your body move as you workout and the taste of fresh foods. Getting healthy takes on a new perspective when you do.

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