Life Starts With Food

One of the biggest problems I often see in the fitness world is that people spend their whole life feeling like food is the enemy. After all, isn’t food what packs on the pounds? That’s not true. It’s not food, but the wrong type of food that can make you gain weight. Food, no matter what type it is, isn’t inherently evil. You have to have food to live. However, making smarter choices on the food you select, can make a difference whether you gain weight or lose it, feel good or not.

The problem most people face when dieting is that you have to eat to live.

If you have a problem with weight, people often think that skipping meals and not eating is the answer. Unlike quitting smoking or giving up other habits, you can’t quit eating. You need to eat to live. It’s not about how much you eat, it’s about what you eat. If you choose healthy food, you’ll lose weight, even if you eat a lot! It takes a lot of fresh fruit or vegetables to gain weight and most people simply can’t eat that much. It would take three and a half cups of broccoli to consume 100 calories. If you chose lettuce, you’d have to eat 20 cups of that! If you’re looking for a sweet treat, it takes over two cups of diced watermelon to reach the 100 calorie mark.

It’s all about eating smarter, not eating less.

Now that you know you can eat two cups of watermelon for a snack of 100 calories, compare that to the amount of chips you can eat for the same number of calories. It’s only ten! Would you feel fuller eating ten potato chips or two cups of watermelon? That’s one obvious change you can make, switching out junk food for healthier options, but there are more changes that are even simpler. For instance, choosing brown or wild rice over white rice saves calories. It’s simple and saves a few calories, but each one adds up.

Eating healthier isn’t dieting, it’s making food your friend.

I love to eat. I eat a lot, but the food I eat is healthy. Sometimes, I do eat junk food, but not very often. Choosing healthier eating doesn’t mean giving up foods you love, just eating them in moderation and keeping an eye on portion control. You’ll be amazed at not only how much you can eat, but how delicious it tastes. There’s a world of food adventures awaiting you and you never have to feel guilty about eating again.

  • What you drink is as important as what you eat. If you just drink two soft drinks a day, you’ll consume enough calories from them to gain a pound in less than 18 days. Water quenches your thirst, makes you healthy and doesn’t contain calories. Studies show that diet drinks add inches to your waist.
  • The hardest part of eating healthy is consuming less sugar. If you read the ingredients of food, you’ll find a lot of hidden sugar. Even condiments like ketchup contain sugar.
  • You’ll have more energy when you workout regularly and eat healthy. While you can’t out-exercise a bad diet, exercising can help you lose weight. It builds muscle tissue and the more muscle tissue you have, the higher your metabolism is.
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