Low Carb Diet Good Or Bad

There’s nothing new about a low carb diet. In the 1920s it was used to help control seizures. Prior to that fasting was used for 1400 years, but you can easily see why that wasn’t sustainable. However, body builders latched on to it for weight loss, then a stream of low carb diets were started from the KETO diet to the Atkins diet. The question is, is it healthy to eat that way for a long time or is it just another fad? While it does help you lose weight, are you losing in the long run?

Depending on the type of low carb diet, the ratio of carbs to proteins and fats vary.

While some low carb diets have you eating a high amount of fat, others simply have you counting carbs. Since protein foods like meat and fatty foods like butter contain very few carbs, you’ll automatically be eating more of them. A low carb diet is based on eating more whole foods and fewer sugars and starches. It cuts down on the consumption of bread, cuts out sugary treats and many processed foods. That’s something almost every personal trainer recommends!

Some people should avoid a low carb diet or use a modified one.

If you’re breast feeding, use a modified form of the diet. People that shouldn’t venture on the diet without medical consultation are those who are taking high blood pressure medication or are on insulin for diabetes. The low carb diet lowers blood pressure, so without monitoring, it could go too low. Diabetics need to check with their doctor to ensure they are taking the right amount of insulin and monitor blood sugar carefully, since it actually decreases the need for insulin and is one of the healthiest diets for diabetes.

You’ll eventually lose the sugar hunger.

Eating sugar surges the blood sugar levels, which also drop just as rapidly. At that point, you eat more sugar to boost your energy level. It does more than just help you eliminate the need for sugar, it helps you shed pounds without feeling hungry. That’s because you’ll eat more fat and protein. The surprising thing is that you might think you’ll miss those sweet treats forever, but after a while, when you have your favorite sugary treat, you may find you don’t even care for the taste. It’s habit and the fact that sugar is addictive.

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