Parenthood – Being Active In A Family Environment, While Keeping Goals In Mind

If you’ve experienced a lot of changes in Raleigh, NC, due to the recent outbreak, it’s time to make those changes benefit you and help you be more active in a family environment. You can do this by keeping goals in mind when you’re planning activities. Even though there was a mandatory closing of public places, there’s always fresh air and activity outside of normally crowded areas. If you’re inside, you can set up active games, exercise with the family and even have cooking adventures to make healthy meals.

Things you can do with the family outside that can make everyone healthier.

The weather is nice and it’s time to do some work outside. Whether it’s cleaning up the lawn after winter, planting or even washing windows working as a team, it can actually be family fun. Don’t worry if the kids goof off a little, as long as their doing it safely, just laugh along. You’ll be amazed at how much fun planting a garden can be and how much kids love to see the things they planted grow. Make it a learning opportunity, just in case they’re not back in school. There was an era during WWII where Victory gardens were popular. Why not use this time to grow a few of your own vegetables? It will encourage healthy eating.

Turn on the music and dance at home, take a walk or ride a bike.

Getting outdoors means soaking up some of that great vitamin D from the sun, but if you want to exercise inside and not make it feel like exercising, have a dance session with the kids. It doesn’t have to be anything that you’d actually do in a public area, but just let it all go. Let your body do the dancing to the beat without putting any thought into it. It’s a lot of fun.

Get the family together in the kitchen making meals.

I think one of the things that most people have learned from the recent outbreak is that we don’t spend nearly as much time with our family as we should. It’s time to start doing family activities that get everyone involved. Choose several healthy recipes and let the kids choose which ones they want for supper. Let them help make it, too. Even very young children can help or at least be part of the group if you give them a spoon or cup to bang while you cook. If you have a toddler, they can pour pre-measured ingredients into a bowl, tear up greens into pieces or mash vegetables, just to mention a few.

  • School age children and few that are slightly younger, can help by starting a window herb garden. Herbs add both flavor and nutrition to a dish and being able to just tear off a leaf or two when cooking is super enjoyable, especially when kids started the plant themselves.
  • Shoot some hoops with the kids and get the whole family involved. You can create teams or play HORSE, but teams are more active. Try to balance your teams and let everyone have a chance in the action.
  • If family time is inside and you have younger children, try games like animal charades, where they act out the animal. It’s active and fun. Also an inside obstacle course or musical chairs can be entertaining.
  • The key to any family fun that both brings your family closer and keeps them healthier is understanding and caring. Eating meals together, choosing healthy alternatives and encouragement will help every family become closer.

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