Small And Balanced Meals For Energy

One cure for waning energy is to eat more frequently. Small and balanced meals for energy can keep your blood sugar level and fuel your metabolism. The extra fuel throughout the day will keep you moving at high gear, but also brings with it many other benefits that eating just once or twice a day can’t provide. You’ll feel better when you have a constant supply of fuel to send to your body, rather than waiting until your body has ready exhausted its calorie supply for the day.

Your brain tells you to rest when you eat large meals.

You can be left feeling sluggish and stuffed after a large meal, which can be particularly disruptive to achieving your goals for the afternoon. Your brain doesn’t have a store of fat to depend upon, so it has very little when it comes to reserves. Eating frequent small meals gives your brain the constant flow of energy without the overstuffed feeling that sends you to the couch for a nap. When you divide your daily meals into smaller portions, you’ll be feeding your brain throughout the day.

Be aware of the spike and drop in sugar levels.

Another reason you’ll feel drowsy after a big lunch is the spike in your blood sugar levels that a large meal causes. Of course, you’ll feel fantastic for an hour or two, but eventually what goes up, must come down and you’ll feel that exhaustion that barely allows you to keep your eyes open, let alone perform your tasks at work. If you’re lucky enough to be able to nap, it still slows down your schedule and active lifestyle for the rest of the day.

Make sure your diet is balanced.

Some people create a diet for the whole day and then break it down to small individual meals. They may not have every meal well balanced and that can be a mistake. Many of the nutrients work synergistically to provide their benefits. For instance, vitamin C found in citrus fruits enhance the effectiveness of iron found in protein sources like fish and meat. The nutrients in broccoli and tomatoes work better together to fight the effects of cancer, than broccoli or tomatoes do alone.

– Choosing the right time for each food can help. Foods containing vitamin C can reduce stress, so pack an orange for part of your midmorning or mid afternoon snack or have a lemon olive oil dressing at lunch to make it through the work day feeling better.

– Contrary to popular belief, eating more frequently doesn’t increase the number of calories you burn, but will boost your energy level in most cases.

– Some people believe that intermittent fasting is the right way to eat, which may mean eating just one meal a day. Some studies show this is a healthy way to eat.

– Regardless of which technique you use, it should be the one that’s right for you and contain a well balanced healthy selection of food. The key is to match the mode of eating to your preferences and lifestyle, while ensuring you have a well balanced day of food in the process.

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