Start Today – Don’t Wait For New Year’s

You may think it’s smart to create a New Year’s resolution to lose those extra pounds, but the best time to begin is now. You should start today – don’t wait for New Year’s Day or you’ll lose the momentum you already have. If you sincerely wish to shed pounds, ringing the new year in weighing less would be an amazing accomplishment and also have you starting the year out right, with more self-confidence.

There’s more room in the gym before the holidays.

While one of the busiest times at most gyms is after New Year’s day, it’s often a lot quieter and emptier as Christmas and New Year’s on the horizon. If you’re working out on your own, you’ll have more time to learn to use the equipment and get a jump start on your fitness program. If you’re working with a personal trainer, you’re more likely to be able to schedule your workout at a coveted time. .

If you don’t think you can make it to a gym, try an online option.

It seems like you can do everything online today and fitness is one of those things. If one of the excuses you make to yourself is that you have no time to run to the gym, don’t let that stop you from starting a workout program. We have an online program you can start today and workout in the privacy of your home. You’ll even learn how to cook healthier and create healthy dishes that taste delicious but are lower in calories and higher in nutrition. Some of these save time, so you can eat healthier without spending more time than you would waiting in the drive-through line.

You can help keep the holiday stress at a minimum with a program of regular exercise.

Exercise is a stress buster and the holiday times that’s a great tool to have at hand. While weight loss and fitness may be the ultimate goal, eliminating that sick feeling from stress is a great side effect. Stress can ruin your mood and put your holiday plans out of kilter. You’ll feel better after a workout and beat the holiday blues.

  • Starting a program now often saves money. You’ll find great bargains at most gyms with introductory offers you’re sure to appreciate.
  • Starting out with a New Year’s resolution is like starting tomorrow. It never comes.
  • Even though it’s rough to start when the tables are filled with delicious food, starting now tests your resolution when it’s the strongest, making it more likely that you’ll succeed.
  • You don’t have to give up all those holiday foods, just take extra precautions to eat less and eat healthier. You’ll feel better about how you look at holiday time.

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