Weight Training For Kids

If you’ve read reports that weight training for kids is dangerous, my response is yes and no. Let’s look at the instances that may have a potential to affect the health of a child. Some studies show that weight training before puberty might lead to injuries, affect growth, while not increasing muscle strength. That’s only true when done improperly. The right form and correct safety measures must be taken and the program should be monitored and carefully planned to be its safest and most beneficial.

There’s so many more benefits to adding weight training to a child’s exercise program.

The best way to start a child in weight training is to make sure that their goal isn’t just about lifting as heavy as they can, but use lighter weights and focus on repetitions. Many studies show that pressing iron can help kids as young as 7. It helps build strength and that can actually help reduce the potential of injury, while improving sports performance. The goal of weight lifting training before puberty is not to build muscle tissue but to build strength.

Kids need to learn to follow the rules and instructions before they start.

No matter what your age, lifting weights properly and avoiding injury involve learning the proper form. Kids need to expect to master the form before adding any weight. The number of repetitions are more important than the amount of weight lifted. Strength training should be part of a well balanced fitness program that includes flexibility and endurance training. It needs begin with a warm-up and followed by a cool down.

Strength training can provide a great deal of benefits for kids.

When strength training, which includes weight training, is done properly, it can boost strength and endurance. It strengthens bones, maintains healthier blood pressure and cholesterol levels and helps reduce the potential of weight problems. It helps kids in sports by protecting their joints and muscles from sports-related injuries. It also improves their performance in that sport or athletic outlet like dancing. It also helps the child learn the proper techniques for lifting. Consider that the next time you pull your back out from lifting wrong.

  • Strength training can help kids as young as seven. It’s important to have proper supervision from trained personnel teaching it. It’s always important to note that the primary emphasis should be on form, rather than on the amount of weight lifted.
  • Whether it’s an adult or a child taking strength training, doing it every day isn’t wise. Strength training sessions should be every other day or every third day if they’re strenuous.
  • Strength training can boost a child’s self-esteem and improve his or her overall confidence.
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