Workouts For Mother And Baby

If you feel time tugs everywhere and simply can’t find the extra time to get to the gym or hate to take precious time away from your newborn, these workouts for mother and baby are the perfect way to start getting back into shape and spend time with your little one, too. They’re fun for baby, great for getting into shape and give you more cuddle time with your little one. Keep it safe. Check with your health care professional before doing any of these exercises and make sure baby is old enough to hold his/her head up on his/her own without discomfort.

If you have a new born younger than three to four months, unable to maintain head up alone, try walking.

Both you and baby may not be ready for some exercises, so start with something easier that still offers exercise for you. Taking the baby for a walk in the park or even around the block is a good start. Putting on music and dancing with baby or even singing as you hold the baby in your arms or in a baby carrier and gently move around the room whether you’re dancing slow or fast is another way to get in some extra exercise. Try to keep your tummy pulled in as you do and make sure you have good posture.

Hold the baby as you do exercises.

There’s no reason you can’t do regular exercises, but modify them by holding your baby. The extra weight of the baby adds an additional challenge and burns more calories. You’ll work on your lower body and add a bit of strength to your arms as you do walking lunges with baby. Hold your baby in your arms snugly as you stand with good posture and eyes focused ahead. Take a step with your right leg, bending both of your knees to right angles. The right knee should be over your ankle and the back knee should be lowered toward the floor, lifting the heel as you do. Push back up to start position and put your feet together, then step off with the left foot.

Just lifting your baby will have you lifting an increasing weight.

As your baby grows, the baby’s weight increases, which is perfect for working your body harder. Adjusting the way you lift your baby can make a difference in what muscles you build. One easy to do exercise is nothing more than laying on your back, lifting your baby in the air with both hands and lowering the baby back down, almost touching your stomach, then back up into the air for 10 repetitions. Sitting with your legs crossed and lifting the baby is another way to work other muscles.

  • One simple exercise to do before any workout with baby is a tummy suck. Lift your head high, pull your shoulders back, inhale through your nose, then exhale as you pull your stomach in toward your spine.
  • Lay baby on his/her belly in front of you and get into modified push-up position on your knees, so that when you lower yourself, your eyes will meet baby’s eyes. Say peek-a-boo when you lower yourself. Then raise up and repeat. As you get stronger, switch to traditional push-up position.
  • You can modify any exercise by holding the baby in your arms when you do it. Squats and plies are examples you can do after two weeks if you had a vaginal delivery.
  • When you’re ready for a full program of exercise and need some “mommy time” we have private sessions and classes at Evolution Fitness that can help you build more energy and strength to prepare for the toddler stage.

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