Every Decision Counts

Every Decision Counts

If you’re starting a fitness program, remember, every decision counts to either benefit you or sabotage your efforts. Skipping one workout can lead to skipping two and then quitting altogether. Eating just one chip isn’t very damaging, unless you finish off the bag once you break the taboo and eat just one. (Seriously, nobody can eat just one according to the Lay’s Potato Chip commercial.) Circling the lot to find the closest parking spot or waiting to take the elevator instead of the chairs are small decisions, but when compiled, make a huge difference in your health.

Start with your shopping habits.

If you don’t have junk food at home, you won’t eat it…at least, not when you’re home. When you go grocery shopping, first create your menu and then list the foods you need. Stick to the list. If you want to take it a step further, take cash, not the debit card to make your purchases. You’ll be less likely to overbuy or grab those extra candy bars and goodies, if you’re paying cash because you’re limited to a specific amount of money. Shop after eating, not before you eat.

Decide to workout, if only for ten minutes.

Most people have a crowded day and slicing an hour of time from it can be quite difficult. Even if the extra time isn’t a problem, getting the energy to go to the gym or even workout at home can be a problem. If you have ten minutes, you can make a smart decision. Use that time to get exercise. Go for a brisk walk, run up and down the stairs, do a few push-ups or other exercises. Everyone has ten minutes to spare several times throughout the day and it only takes three to four sessions to get a full workout. If you didn’t feel like working out, once you start exercising, you’ll probably do your whole routine, it just takes a smart decision to start.

Be mindful at meals and throughout the day.

Too often people work and eat like they’re in a fog, doing the same things continually. Be aware of those times you’re grabbing a snack and ask yourself if you really need it or even want it. You may be eating out of habit and not really hungry. Be mindful of your hunger, too. Make a decision to eat healthy snacks and don’t forget to grab veggies or fruit for a snack between meals. It curbs your appetite so you’ll eat less at the meal and also satisfies your hunger so you don’t grab an unhealthy snack.

> Make a decision to do one or more active tasks throughout the day. Whether it’s scrubbing the floors the old fashioned way, washing windows or rearranging furniture, you’ll get a job done and be more active.

> Getting adequate sleep not only is heart healthy, it’s also good for weight loss. Before you stay up that extra hour watching the same old reruns, ask yourself if it’s worth losing sleep.

> Getting adequate water throughout the day is important for good health. Make a decision to have a few bottles to drink throughout the day. Sometimes thirst is mistaken for hunger.

> Think before you drink. Alcohol is super high in calories and slows fat metabolism. Limit your intake to one drink and switch to water.

Your Diet Is Responsible For The Majority Of Your Success

Your Diet Is Responsible For The Majority Of Your Success

If you want to get and stay healthy, you need to change your lifestyle. Exercise, a healthy diet, adequate sleep and elimination of bad habits, like excess alcohol or smoking, are important. When it comes to losing weight, your diet is responsible for the majority of your success, with exercise next in line. (Easing up on the alcohol is also extremely important, too! It’s high in calories.) You’d have workout for long hours, like Olympic swimmers, to burn the calories you need to shed those pounds. Since most people don’t have the time to be in gold medal training, changing your eating habits is top priority.

Don’t believe the hype.

There’s been a recent research report that exercise alone can help you shed those extra pounds. Unfortunately, according to most other researchers, the results were bogus. That isn’t saying that exercise provides no benefits. The benefits are huge. It’s just that you need to eat healthy to get the maximum weight loss results. The study was funded by Coke, so getting the right results was important to their bottom line. Healthy eating means elimination of sugary products, including soft drinks. Just one can of Coke contains 150 calories. If you drink several throughout the day, you can reduce your caloric intake significantly by switching to water. Coke took a proactive approach to divert the attention from sugary products that could result in a tax, like cigarettes have.

Processed foods may be higher in calories, but also have other weight loss dangers.

The easiest way to prepare meals may or may not be the best. If easy means slicing and dicing fresh fruits and vegetables, you’re in like Flint when it comes to the weight loss game. If it means popping a TV dinner in the nuke, rethink your position. Refined or processed foods are often high in sugar, fats, chemicals and calories, while being low in nutrition. They increase inflammation and that can cause fat to accumulate on the abdomen, belly fat. Go with foods that are closest to natural. Steaming veggies provides variety, so does grilling. Best of all, both are quick and relatively easy.

One study showed that women who only exercised actually gained weight in some cases.

There was a study that requested a group of overweight women to workout at close to maximum potential, but NOT change their eating habits. At the end of the study, 70 percent gained weight. That doesn’t mean that exercise packs on the pounds, but it could mean that the women who exercised packed in the calories after a good workout. If you spend an hour in the gym, but reward yourself with fries or a donut, you’ll probably gain weight.

> The average person would have to walk briskly for 45 minutes to burn off the calories from just two Oreo cookies. They’d have to walk briskly for almost two hours to burn off an average serving of fries.

> One bottle of Pepsi is 250 calories. Just do 400 sit ups and you’ll burn off the effect of those calories.

> Not only does eating junk food pack on extra calories, put sugar and chemicals into your body, it does nothing for providing nutrition. There’s a link between lacking vitamin A, C, D and E, as well as magnesium, and weight gain.

> Eating healthier not only helps shed pounds, it also improves your overall health. Combine it with regular exercise and you have a dynamic duo for both your health and weight loss program.

Let Your Computer Be Your Best Workout Partner

Let Your Computer Be Your Best Workout Partner

Let Your Computer Be Your Best Workout Partner

No matter where you live, you can always get the professional help you need when you let your computer be your best workout partner. Whether you’re a mom with already more to handle than time to do it or a busy executive, sometimes the drive to the gym takes up all your free time, leaving you no time to exercise when you get there. You don’t have to waste time any longer when you use my online program to help you succeed.

Get the workout that will make you look fantastic.

You’ll burn tons of calories while you get fit in the process creating a chiseled look in men and a shapely toned look in women. Best of all, you’ll get the help of a personal trainer at just a fraction of the cost. If you’ve joined gyms before, but seldom went because of time constraints and lack of motivation, this computer program could be perfect. You set the schedule and aren’t limited to specific hours.

Watch your heart rate to get the best results.

I make sure you have all the necessary information and items you need to get you to your fittest condition and meet your goals. Whether you want to lose weight or just tone, tighten and create more muscle mass, this program will skyrocket you to success. You’ll be bursting with energy too, after just a few short weeks. Tracking your heart rate is the key to success and the heart rate watch helps you do it.

You probably aren’t eating as healthy as you should.

You need the right fuel to propel you to success and I can help you find it. It’s time to clean the cupboards and get rid of unhealthy empty calories foods that pack on pounds. You’ll be glad you changed your ways when you find out how delicious and filling healthy foods really are. Best of all, you’ll learn how to cook healthy for your family and have recipes and information available any time you need it, not just when you’re at the gym.

Everyone needs motivation and that’s why I included my 28 days of coaching. It gets you through the hardest part of any fitness program.

You’ll learn how to shop for the healthiest foods and just what each ingredient on the label means when it comes to your health and fitness.

If you’re job requires you to travel, I’ll be there with you. I’m always as close as your laptop.

When you have online membership, you even get four conference coaching calls with me.

Heart Monitor

Heart Monitor

When results are what you want, heart monitors can help you get them. Let’s face it. Everyone who takes the time and effort to workout regularly wants to see fabulous results. That doesn’t always happen. Sometimes it’s because the person just isn’t using the right program, but often it’s because they aren’t achieving the perfect heart rate to maximize the workout benefits and either not raising it high enough or raising it too high.

You can work really hard and push yourself beyond your comfort zone, but still get only partial benefits.

You’ll burn calories no matter how hard you work. Even a halfhearted workout burns some calories and one done with super gusto burns a lot! But where are those calories coming from. Is your body burning fat or muscle tissue? When you workout beyond the FITzone, raising it too high, you may not be burning fat, but be burning muscle tissue. You don’t want to do that!!! It’s not part of the plan. Heart rate monitors can help prevent it.

Doing too little won’t get the results you hope to achieve.

While lots of people push too hard, many people never realize just how much potential they have when it comes to exercising. They give an effort but never go beyond their comfort zone, so they never reap all the benefits they could have from a vigorous workout. A heart rate monitor will tell you just how hard you’re working and help you push yourself to the sweet zone—where you reap all the benefits. You’ll see better results faster.

Heart rate monitors can be helpful even when you’re not exercising.

If you’re walking anywhere, you can use the monitor to help you pick up your step and make that walk part of your exercise program. Use it when going up the stairs…make sure you take them instead of the elevator…and get even more exercise for your day. These small additions to your program can become lifelong habits that really pay off. One study showed that the brisker the step and the longer the stride of an older person, the healthier they were. That’s because it got their heart pumping.

Never worry whether you’re maximizing the benefit of your exercise time again. Just look at your wrist and your monitor will tell you.

Boost your metabolism when you use the heart rate monitor to identify your fat burning zone.

The more you use the heart rate monitor, the easier you’ll be able to recognize the FITzone without it.

The monitor maximizes your results so you can lose a minimum of 12 inches in 12 workouts.

 Do You Have A Great Workout Playlist

 Do You Have A Great Workout Playlist

In order to have a great workout playlist, you need to find songs you like. While slow romantic songs may be just what you long for on the dance floor when you’re with your special someone, they aren’t conducive to a great workout at the gym. Choose your playlist wisely, but don’t think it’s permanent and can’t be changed. You may hear a song you’ve forgotten about that really fits your workout mode better. If that happens, it’s time to switch in the song and switch out one that isn’t as good or just add it to the loop.

Get into the groove with a playlist for each type of exercise.

You probably won’t want to have the same playlist for every type of exercise. If you’re having fun frolicking on Kangoo jumps or tumbling on the trampoline, enjoy a group of upbeat songs displaying the freedom and fancy you’re feeling. Pressing weights can be intense, so slow it down a bit, but not too slow. Practicing kickboxing calls for…you guessed it…any theme from a “Rocky” movie.

Build your determination with a playlist that has a message.

You might not remember the movie “Flash Dance,” but I have clients who do and swear by two of the songs in that movie. “She’s a Maniac” and “What a Feeling” are tops on their list. A few of those women add “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor and some Donna Summer or St. Elmos Fire song “Man in Motion.” “Girl on Fire,” “Stronger,” “Safe and Sound” and so many more. Find ones that inspire you and make you feel strong. That feeling transfers to your workout and life in general. I have one client that plays an endless loop of the song, “Easy Street.” It is upbeat, but was first played on The Walking Dead to torture Daryl with its sugary sweet happy tone.

Let your musical preference be your guide.

For baby boomers, the oldies will probably be a great choice. For others, there may be special songs from their youth or a favorite one right now. “You Had a Bad Day” is another great one for loads of people. Just remember, the music and beat are just part of the story. The real magic is when you insert the words of strength and conviction into your brain every time you work your body. As you workout, new neural pathways are created in your brain. The songs you play affect the message you’re sending to yourself. Make it a positive one.

When you create your playlist, focus on your activities at the gym. You’ll want warmup songs and cool down songs in the group.

No matter who swears by a certain song, if you don’t like it, don’t use it in your playlist. Playlists are personal.

Choose songs you can create vivid mental images of strength and determination.

Switch songs in your playlist to match your mood or use several ones. You can have one for those perfect days where everything is going right, ones to motivate you when you’re down and ones to make you feel powerful.

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